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About Us

Archimiddle delivers consultancy in IT architecture and middleware

Archimiddle’s mission is to support customers with architectural decisions and implementations
in important modern IT fields such as integration, data and cloud.

Archimiddle focuses on key technologies within three main architecture domains and constantly
adepts to customers’ needs and market trends.

Our Services

Archimiddle offers consultancy helping you design future-proof, flexible solution architectures;
integrating data, new and legacy applications, bringing applications to the cloud.


From short-term advice to long-term helping hands


Data Architecture
  • Classic RDBMS
  • Big Data
  • Lambda Architecture
  • Map Reduce
  • Hadoop
  • Neo4J


Through workshops and coaching


Integration Architecture
  • Web Services
  • REST
  • SOA
  • Messaging
  • Application Server
  • Java
  • Governance


Pragmatic solution delivery


Cloud Architecture
  • Software as a Service
  • Application Hosting
  • Elastic Scaling
  • Google App Engine
  • Amazon Web Services


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Data Architect

As a data architect, you will be working with multiple data stores and data types in diverse development environments.

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Integration Architect

As an integration architect, you will be working as a team lead and advisor in diverse integration environments.

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Big Data developer

As a Big Data developer, you will be working with multiple Big Data solutions using a variety of Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Neo4J, Spark, Apache kafka.

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Creative Data Visualizer

As a data visualizer, you are the creative technologist who is able to visualize complex data-sets into meaningfull UI and reporting.

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  • Veldkant 33a . 2550 Kontich
  • +32 3 451 24 77